Since 1998
Anne L.Stone & Associates, LLC.

Professional Services

Couple receiving financial consultation

Anne L Stone & Associates, LLC provides services in the following categories:

  • Consultation and advice on tax matters, specific transactions, personal finance and related personal tax matters including financial models and quantitative analyses to support decision making; The year-round tax planning and consulting process involves identifying and responding to opportunities for tax liability minimization and formulating tax-oriented strategies to meet our clients’ goals
  • Preparation of federal income tax returns for individuals, trusts, corporations, partnerships, private foundations, estates, and other entities
  • Preparation of state and District income, franchise, property tax returns for all fifty states; preparation of local returns as identified by our clients
  • Assistance with payroll tax and miscellaneous tax issues related to employment or transacting business
  • Representation before the Internal Revenue Service and state, District and local tax authorities in connection with examinations, notices, filings, etc., as may be required for our clients

Our goal is to develop long standing relationships with our clients. Preparation of individual returns is an important recurring service for our clients. Not only does the process produce the annual filings imposed by various tax authorities but it also provides a history of detailed financial information and knowledge about our clients which creates a platform for providing future advice and counsel.

Each client is assigned a team of experienced tax professionals to prepare and review returns and to advise, consult and deliver our services. The opportunity presented by the organization and analysis of detailed financial information, gathered for return preparation, is recognized and valued by all of our tax professionals.

Our tax professionals work closely with other financial advisors of our clients in order to develop an integrated and comprehensive plan.